Christian Routin Trainer, Actor and coach in Vietnam

Interview with Christian Routin

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  • In how many countries have you been ?

Around 35 countries.

  • Which country or countries did you like at most and why ?

I love Vietnam because I was born here. I consider it as my country. My second favorite country is Italy as it is very similar to South Vietnam. The people, the culture and the life style are the same. I felt I was coming back to Vietnam the first time I went to Italy. Italy is really the country that impersonates the best the concept of beauty in all its forms.

  • Tell us some favorite attractions from your travels?

I love spiritual places and vast, pristine landscapes. Borobodur in Indonesia, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Con Dao in Vietnam, the national parks in the USA or in Australia.

  • Some of the most amazing beaches that you visited ?

Boracay beach in the Philippines, Koh Phi Phi island back in 1991 before it was spoilt by tourism, the Islands of the Maldives, Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday islands in Australia, Con Dao island beaches

  • As know you have been in Greece, where have you been and what your experience from this travel ?

I went to Athens, and few islands like Santorini and Mykonos. I have Sicilian origins so I love the Mediterranean Culture and life style. Greece is a great expression of it. Food, climate, landscapes, history and conviviality. I loved Santorini, a highly spiritual place, sheer beauty and peacefulness. The spiritual energy is very strong there. I enjoyed Mykonos, its party atmosphere too. As an actor – When was your first role as an actor? I was playing a businessman for a Vietnamese TV Commercial.

  • Have you progressed in your acting career as you have expected?

I did not have any expectation when getting into this job. It is more a fun job and I was curious to experience this opportunity and challenge myself.

  • Who is your favorite actor or actress?

I do not have any favorite actor or actress but I think Brad Pitt, Kate Blanchett and Isabelle Huppert are very good actors.

  • The most fun role they’ve ever played?

A doctor for a hospital commercial.

  • What are your favorite movies?

Terrence Malik: “The thin red line”, “The new world”, Darren Aronofsky: “The fountain”. Highly spiritual movies.

  • Of all the roles you have played in the past, which is your favorite?

A textile expert for a TV series. Very challenging as I had a lot of lines and I cannot not read Vietnamese with a lot new vocabulary. It was not long after I came back to Vietnam and Vietnamese has changed a lot after 1975. So I did not master the language very well at that time.

  • What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future?

I would be excited to act in a feature movie in a role I have never experienced in real life.

Profile and Social Media

Linkedin Profile: Christian Routin
Facebook Page: Christian Routin’s Happiness Workshop: “10 Truths of Lasting Happiness”

Happiness Workshop in 5 beaches in Con Dao-Vietnam

Happiness Workshop: Your life path & Happiness Full version (Eng Sub)

[TVC] Omo “Chuyên Gia Giặt Tẩy Vết Bẩn 30s Commercial Vietnam – Babyface Entertainment


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