Santorini Greek Restaurant in Hong Kong

Santorini Greek Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Santorini Greek Restaurant in Hong Kong that we found on Facebook was open in 2013. It’s the only Greek restaurant that is located in Soho area on Hong Kong Island, one of the most fashionable areas of the city. The owners of the restaurant are Vasilis Stamatis and Andreas Sourdas from Larissa Town in Greece.

  • What made you to move to Hong Kong?

I went to Hong Kong for vacation to visit my friend Vasilis (who is my restaurant partner now) who has been living in Hong Kong for about 20 years, and after I decided to sell my restaurant in Santorini Island (called the Fegera Restaurant) and opened a new restaurant called Santorini Restaurant in Hong Kong.

  • Tell us in a few words about Hong Kong and its people.

Hong Kong is a densely populated and expensive city. Its inhabitants are from all over the world, but mainly from the region (who are Cantonese Chinese), and almost everyone speaks English, which makes communication easy.

  • Tell us about Santorini Greek Restaurant and how it was started, especially as a young entrepreneur in the region the difficulties that you were faced with?

Santorini Greek Restaurant in Hong Kong had a lot of difficulties at the beginning because of local culture which is completely different to that of Greece. Compared to Greece, it was difficult to find staff to work in the restaurant. However, joy came when people told us that they enjoyed the food at the restaurant from the very start, and this gave us the courage to continue.

  • What do you miss about your country, Greece ?

I miss the sun, my friends and my family in Greece, but I travel back to Greece every year.

  • What are your plans for the future?

My plans are staying here in Hong Kong since we are thinking about opening more restaurants besides the two Santorini restaurants that we have at the moment. In some years, I will be back in Greece but for now I will be here!

Santorini Greek Restaurant page on facebook can be found at, as well here:

Some videos from Santorini Greek Taverna and Santorini Greek Restaurant Hong Kong in youtube:

Santorini Greek Taverna Hong Kong Grand opening

Santorini Greek Restaurant Hong Kong

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