Tam Kỳ is the capital city of Quảng Nam Province, in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This is also the hometown of Thảo Nguyễn.

  • What are some great things to do in Vietnam?

Trying some local food and travelling to some historical landmarks are some great things to do when you come to Vietnam.
Vietnamese Cuisine: (Phở, Bánh Xèo, Chicken Rice, Quảng Noodles, and many more) and for sure visiting historical places: Huế Imperial City, Ha Long Bay and more.

  • Tell me some of the greatest beaches that you ever visit?

I used to get some beaches only in Vietnam like: Nha Trang, Vũng Tàu and Đà Nẵng, however, to me, the beach in my hometown is the best. Its name is Tam Thanh.

  • What is your favorite transportation and why?

My favourite transportation is bus. Because it’s convenient, safe.

  • If you have the change to visit all the world, which countries do you like to visit?

If I have a chance, I really like to visit Hong Kong, France and Japan.


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