Poupard Dominique work and lives in Paris, France. He is half French and half Vietnamese, and he has travel in many places.

  • In how many countries have you been?

I’ve been in 8 countries

  • Which country or countries did you like at most and why ?

First of all, New Caledonia, a French overseas territory in Southern Pacific – between Australia and New Zealand – where I grew up. It’s a marvelous island where there’s one of most biggest lagoon in the world. Secondly, Vietnam my native country which I discover since I was 22 years old. Some part way of life in Vietnam reminds me the life I had when I was in New Caledonia.

  • Tell us some favorite attractions from your travels?

Yosemite National Park (California), Opera House – Sydney (Australia) and Con Dao (Vietnam).

  • What is your favorite attraction in Vietnam ?

My favorite attraction was in Con Dao. I had been to this place in April 2014 with Christian Routin.

  • Describe as a great landscape that you visited in your travels ?

Yosemite National Park : natural mountains, trees, wild animals like bears and squirrels.

  • Some of the most amazing beaches that you visited ?

Isle of Pine: this island is a part of New Caledonia and Con Dao in Vietnam.

  • What are the things to do for you in Paris the place that you live and work?

When summer times come, particularly in august, it’s easier to visit Paris. You can walk, ride bike. In August, Paris has less inhabitants ; you feel free and have less stress. In Paris, we’ve lots theaters, movies and cabarets.


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