• How many years do you stay in the USA?

I’ve lived in Colorado, the USA for 4 years.

  • How is your life in the USA all these years ?

    El Greco Grill στην Καλιφόρνια των Η.Π.Α.

My life in the USA is great. The country where welcome different people from different cultures, languages. I work and travel. I’ve seen a lot from here (East and West of the USA) and the world (Southeast Asia, Europe, West Africa).

I try so many different cuisines, meet different people around the world at where I work, learn different cultures in the very diverse country. I try to learn Spanish for my travel and im-export company.

  • What is the different between USA and Vietnam / Southeast Asia ?

Bến Thành Market, HCMC Vietnam, Saigon

The different between the USA (capitalism) and Vietnam (communism) is the people
The different between the USA (capitalism) and Vietnam (communism) is the people. The US people say “hand up but not hand down”, “work hard, play hard”. It means they give you tools to succeed but you have to work and find down how to use these tools to get what you want. You are very much by your own, push yourself into working hard.

After you work really hard, you can enjoy your life comfortably while the communism countries like Vietnam are very nice, gentle people but they are not really serious in business, they don’t know how or they don’t have methods to work, and very conservative, hard to deal with, very difficult to grow businesses unless you have connection, relationship with the government, know how to lobby the government. There are a huge different between the two systems.

  • Your are in the travel business many years, what is the future of travel in the USA and Southeast Asia

Ο λευκός ναός του Τσιάνγκ Ράι της Βόρειας Ταϊλάνδης

I work on setting up a world travel for Asian, European, American travelers
For my travel business, I work on setting up a world travel for Asian, European, American travelers (my target customers) by visiting and learning key destinations that on my list that are on top bucket list of travelers in 2018 via travel conferences, events, expos like WTM, ITE, ITB and such, as well as basing on my over 10-year experience.

I’m looking at some key destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia, India-Bhutan-Nepal, Germany-France-Italy, Australia-New Zealand for now.

  • What are your plans for the future ?

Κοιλάδα Haa, Μπουτάν

Wedding planner, im-export business are my target in travel industry promising a huge revenue for my entire business. To do so, I look at a great IT guy to work with to develop the app for travel business which user friendly, quick respond to customers, great customer service on the app (chat button, 800-number to call for any concerns).

The company will base in the USA and expand around the world in every 2 years.



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